Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bedroom and Master Bath

So, this is by far my favorite space in the entire house. I love my bedroom. It is quiet, peaceful and a wonderful place to just "be" after a long day. Again, I used all neutral colors. There is something very calming to me about neutrals - grays, browns, and earth tones. I love the contrast of elements like feedsack pillows juxtaposed with crystal lamps. I remember when we were building this house. It originally was suppose to have four bedrooms. We redesigned it, with the help of my father, to only have three, and I used the additional space to build this fabulously huge bathroom. I love the feel of the cool marble floors when you step out of the hot shower. It is light and crisp and opens into the master bedroom with two oversized French doors. When one of my neighbors saw it, she commented with, "what wasted space;" she just doesn't get it.

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